Victoria de la Maza is an award-winning cookbook author and columnist. She writes about lifestyle, entertaining at home, and food for numerous magazines and newspapers and for her newsletter: Diary of a Serial Hostess. 

Born in Madrid, Spain, Victoria grew up at her family’s cortijo in Sevilla and attended boarding school in England. She learned the art of entertaining from her parents, the count and countess de la Maza who loved to host everyone from royalty to bullfighters.

In her early twenties, Victoria moved to New York and has lived in the USA since then. After living in New York, Palm Beach FL, and Greenwich CT, she now lives in a historic house in Charleston, SC with her dog Captain.

Ms. de la Maza has produced and written editorials for shelter magazines and newspapers including Veranda, Town & Country, Cottages & Gardens, and Food & Wine. She wrote a food column for the Palm Beach Daily News and hosted two series of TV shows for Canal de Casa in Spain and for PBS in Florida. 

In 2013, Victoria launched a collection of award-winning artisanal condiments under the label Victoria Amory & Co. Sold in top specialty food stores in the USA and in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the UK. 

Diary of a Serial Hostess covers subjects like “How to Grovel in High-Society”, “The Charm of Lunch”, and “Show Me The Money” and will guide you through the social jungle and give you tips on when, where, how, and why with wit, charm, and style.

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A diary-style column about the ins and outs of entertaining at home and witty anecdotes of life in the stylish lane with recipes, ideas, and opinions. Lots of opinions.


Victoria de la Maza

Combining European elegance with American flair to write a column about the ins and outs of high society, glamorous entertaining, delicious food, and witty anecdotes of life in the stylish lane!